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Award winning journalist, author, media personality and human rights champion

Alexandra Pascalidou på omslaget till tidningen VÅGA från Svenska Kyrkan - Det är dags att vi berättar mammornas historia

Alexandra Pascalidou is a multiple award-winning media personality and human rights champion. Over the years, she has worked as a journalist, TV- and Radio-presenter and producer, playwright, actress, speaker, moderator, board member etc. Human dignity and diversity is always at the core of her struggles.

Born in a laundry room, Alexandra grew up in a Greek village with her grandmother Sofia, who could neither read nor write. At the age of six she emigrated with her family to Rinkeby, the poorest and most stigmatised suburb in Sweden. You can read about Alexandra’s challenging journey from dictatorship to democracy and from a marginalised migrant family to the media scene in her award-winning, critically acclaimed autobiography “Beyond mum’s street”.

My destiny was sealed at birth

I am three years old when I see my mother leaving on a blue bus.

I don’t know for how long.

I know she has to go.

I’m waving and smiling to hide my tears.

I don’t want to bother my mother.

She holds my baby sister in her arms.

She is leaving me behind with my grandmother, who I call mamá since my mother also calls her mamá and she’s my mother’s mother and the one who takes care of me when my mother is working in a yarn factory in Thessaloniki to support us.

Speaker & moderator

Alexandra has gained wide recognition for her outstanding qualities as an engaging, motivating and thought provoking speaker. She recently received the “Speaker of the Year”-Award. Her experience ranges from keynote speeches at the European Council and European Commission, to speeches marking Sweden’s National Day and Christmas Eve for Swedish National TV, SVT, to lecturing tours for the Nordic Council of Minister, Spotify, Skanska, universities and international conferences from Iceland to Greenland and the Netherlands.


Alexandra has published several critically acclaimed books in which she gives a voice to those who are rarely heard.

Bokomslag Mammorna av Alexandra Pascalidou

The mothers (Mammorna)

The mothers (Mammorna)

We come from the mothers.

All mothers through history have had one thing in common – From Mother Earth to Virgin Mary and Mother Svea – they rarely have spoken. Until now.

In this book we will give a voice to these voiceless and invisible mothers by telling their story with their own words. Without filter.

It’s time to listen to the mothers!

Bokomslag me too - Så går vi vidare - Röster, redskap och råd av Alexandra Pascalidou

#Me Too – Moving forward

Alexandra Pascalidou, wanted to ensure that the issue became top priority on the political agenda. She published the first metoo-book in the world by collecting voices of the Swedish movement from women of all ages, professions, sexual preferences and cultural backgrounds.

Authors, journalists, artists, influencers, politicians share their stories in the book and and advice advice on how to act if you have been victimized and how to prevent sexual harassment.


Debuted as a playwright with Alexandra’s Odyssey.

From Dionysian orgies to the chaos of the crisis, inspired by her acclaimed book “Chaos – a Greek dictionary of the crisis”, Alexandra wrote this play where she took us on a tumultuous and revealing journey where Greece becomes the mirror and playground of our contemporary crises.

Alexandra herself stood on the big stage of the city theatre in a performance full of tragedy, comedy and music.

Alexandra Pascalidou debuterade som dramatiker med Alexandras Odyssé

Founder of New Academy Prize in Literature

Alexandra Pascalidou grundare av Den Nya Akademien

Pascalidou was the creator and co-founder of ”The New Academy”, an initiative launched in the spring of 2018 as a reaction to the scandals that engulfed in the Swedish Academy, leading to the cancellation of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The initiative generated worldwide attention e.g. The New York Times, The Guardian and CNN.

Den Nya Akademien


Voted Speaker – Moderator of the Year, nominated for the August Prize, awarded the Bellman Prize and the The St Eriks Medal. Alexandra Pascalidou’s work for justice, equality, diversity and democracy has been praised, several times!

Awards & achievements

Alexandra Pascalidou - Copyright Thron Ullberg


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Athens Gastronomy. Photo: GNTO, K. Kouzouni
Athens Gastronomy. Photo: GNTO, K. Kouzouni

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Peloponnese, Elafonissos Beach Photo:GNTO/ Merakos
Peloponnese, Elafonissos Beach Photo:GNTO/ Merakos

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Cyclades Islands - Photo: GNTO, archive
Cyclades Islands – Photo: GNTO, archive

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Lefkada, Porto Katsiki beach Photo: GNTO Archive
Lefkada, Porto Katsiki beach Photo: GNTO Archive
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