Awards & Nominations

Alexandra has been voted Speaker – Moderator of the Year, nominated for the August Prize, awarded the Bellman Prize and the the St. Erik’s Medal. Her work for equality, diversity and democracy has been highlighted and praised several times.


2019 – The Global Woman Award 2019 – National and International Winner

Alexandra Pascalidou won the Global Woman Award 2019 at the Global Woman Summit in London. She was awarded the prize for her extraordinary work, fortitude, and noble qualities in the category “Influencer” with the motivation that she has positively influenced thousands of people with her work as an Activist, Journalist, Speaker and Writer.

2019 – The WING Award 2019, Winner in the Category “Excellence in Women’s Issues in Storytelling Award”

Alexandra was the winner in the category “Excellence in Women’s Issues in Storytelling Award 2019” because of her dedicated work and activism for women over the years which was highlighted in her book “Mammorna” (The Mothers) where she’s given a voice to 20 mothers living in Sweden’s poorest and most vulnerable areas, also known as Sweden’s “no-go zones”. Alexandra is a changemaker and role model, as well as an activist, journalist, author and speaker who’s using her voice to speak publicly for people and groups that are often excluded.

2018 – Winner of the 2018 Swiss WIN Award

Alexandra was awarded for her “outstanding work giving focus to women’s stories and voices”.

2018 – Voted the Best Speaker – Moderator

This Year’s Speaker is an industry award that is awarded annually in the categories Speakers of the Year – Female, Male, Moderator and Breakthrough. The prize is awarded to speakers who inspire and communicate their messages in extraordinary ways. Speakers spread knowledge through inspiration and motivation, and together they help both organizations and individuals to move Sweden forward.

2018 – The Bellman Prize

The Bellman Prize was awarded to Alexandra for her cultural contributions as a journalist, author and TV- and radio presenter.

2018 – The St. Erik’s Medal

The St. Erik’s Medal is one of Sweden’s most honorable recognitions with an exclusive award ceremony that takes place in the Stockholm City Hall.

2017 – The “5i12” Prize

The 5i12 Prize 2017 was awarded to Alexandra for her fight against xenophobia, racism and for human dignity.

2017 – The Erasmus Prize

Alexandra was awarded the Erasmus-prize from Jean-Claude Juncker, the former President of the European Commission, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The prize was given to her for her contributions in Europe.

2016 – The Big Feminist Award

Alexandra has been a clear voice in the Swedish public forum ever since 1995, when she stepped into the limelight as the host of the Swedish National TV-show Mosaik. Besides hosting radio- and TV shows Alexandra has since then acted as moderator, author, columnist and news reporter in diverse genres such as sports, culture, entertainment, economy, society and debate programs.

2015 – European of the Year

The European of the Year is awarded to the person who “has helped to foster cooperation among the peoples of Europe in order to strengthen peace and freedom, cultural understanding and social cohesion.”

2014 – Won a Million SEK and Donated the Money to the Non-Profit Organization Kvinna till Kvinna

Together with Lena Ag, Alexandra won a million SEK in the TV show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”. She decided to donate her prize money to the Non-Profit organization Kvinna till Kvinna.

Further awards

2006 – ”Blatte Deluxe”- Literature Award

2002 – The Swedish PEN-Club Prize

2002 – The Union of Civil Servants’ Working Award

2002 – Kommunal, the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union’s Culture Award

2000 – Integration Scholarship

1998 – The Immigrant Institute’s Merit Award


2018 – Nominated for the August Prize

Alexandra’s book “The Mothers” was nominated for the Swedish Non-Fiction Book of the Year.

2016 – Nominated for Kristallen and the Big Journalist Award

Alexadra was nominated for the Big Journalist Prize in the category Storyteller of the Year with Lisa Jarenskog for the documentary series “They Call Us Beggars” that ran on the Swedish national TV channel SVT.

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