2015 – European of the year

The European of the Year is awarded to a person who “has helped to foster cooperation among the peoples of Europe in order to strengthen peace and freedom, cultural understanding and social cohesion.”

Alexandra Pascalidou, author, presenter and journalist, has been appointed European of the Year 2015.

With her broad experience of several European cultures Alexandra Pascalidou has always emphasized the importance of human equality, regardless of place of birth. Her motto is; a multicultural Europe is an asset, not a threat.
The reason for the Swedish European Movement to appoint.

Utmärkelsen Årets Europé tilldelades Alexandra Pascalidou 2015
The award European of the year was 2015 assigned to Alexandra Pascalidou

Alexandra Pascalidou the European of the Year 2015 reads

Citat om Alexandra Pascalidou som moderator

Alexandra Pascalidou has with dedication broadened our perspective of Europe. In her books, chronicles and programs she has described Europe and the daily life of Europeans in a way that affects many Swedes. With her strong pathos Alexandra Pascalidou emphasizes that a Europe where all people have equal value, is an asset and something worth fighting for.”

“It’s an honour to be appointed European of the Year. It’s an even greater honour to receive the award this year on the very day when peace was won and the darkness surrendered, “ says Alexandra Pascalidou.

The award ceremony, lead by Thomas Hammarberg, former European Council Commissioner for Human Rights, took place at the Cultural House in Stockholm on May 7.”

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