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Alexandra has gained wide recognition for her outstanding qualities as an empowering and inspiring speaker. She recently received the award “Speaker of the year”. Her experience ranges from keynote speeches at the European Council and European Commission, to speeches marking Sweden’s National Day for Swedish broadcaster SVT, to lecturing tours for the Nordic Council of Minister from Iceland to Greenland, from lecturing on Diversity and Inclusion at Spotify and Skanska to universities and international conferences from New York to Amsterdam.

Speaker Topics

Motivation, Leadership, Culture, Creativity, Inspiration, Learning, Global Trends, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. As a Moderator, Alexandra has with her vast experience and her ability to seamlessly navigate through complex topics been the preferred choice to moderate all types of events. She has been the moderator at international conferences for the New York Times, the WIN Conference, the International Women’s Forum, the Stockholm Peace Talks and many more.

Keynote Speaker at a plenary session at the first international #MeToo conference in Iceland: #MeToo: Moving Forward.

Speeches by Alexandra

Pascalidou’s Power Hour

A motivational journey filled with wisdom from Ancient Greek philosophy and mythology to Alexandra’s personal struggles that took her from nowhere to somewhere. Learn how to be true to your inner self and how to discover your own passions, missions and visions. On chiselling out your distinctive features, navigating with your own map and compass, and creating more life in life. Learn more about strategies for success based on solidarity and the art of turning disadvantages into advantages.

“I had every disadvantage needed to become successful – I was a poor working-class immigrant girl from a broken family in the most stigmatised suburb. If I had let others define me and predict my destiny I’d end up in hell. Instead, I became my own director and scriptwriter, against all odds and proved them all wrong.

Fifty Shades of Female Oppression

Toxic masculinity, misogynist myths, patriarchal privileges, female cat fights and the art of climbing without a cats’ claws. A journey into the micro- and macrocosm of the gender perspective. From stereotypical snares to the oppressing power structures that tie women to kitchens and bedrooms. Learn how to handle online hate and harassment, how to disrupt discrimination and break glass ceilings, walls, balls and silences.

Alexandra Pascalidou won the 2016 The Big Feminist Award with the following motivation:

Journalist, feminist and anti-racist Alexandra Pascalidou has a clear voice that the Swedish public have been listening to since 1995, when she first appeared in the spotlight as host of the SVT programme Mosaik. Since then, as well as being a TV presenter, Pascalidou has also worked as a moderator, author, columnist and reporter in genres as varied as sport, culture, entertainment and economics, as well as on programmes on social issues and debate shows. […]

With the acclaimed SVT production “Vi kallas tiggare” (We’re called beggars), broadcast in 2016, Alexandra Pascalidou demonstrated that there is no question too difficult to ask if those questioned are treated with dignity and respect.

We therefore think that Pascalidou has answered the perennial question of who can talk about what in public. By taking equality as a starting point, journalism is bettered as a whole. In this respect Alexandra Pascalidou has made a significant contribution through all of her actions.

Diversity & Inclusion

A lecture on the pleasures, pressures and profitability of diversity. On cosmopolitans, polyglots, globetrotters and hyphenated identities in the era of borderless globalisation. On diversity as an engine and the costs of bigotry.

A lecture on the illusions of integration, the schism of segregation and the asymmetries of power. On the hunt for identity, solidarity and pluralism in a polarised world where online hate and harassment, blatant sexism and racism is poisoning people’s lives and hearts.

A lecture that sows the seeds of understanding and serves solutions.

MeToo – From Hashtag to Revolution

Alexandra Pascalidou has been touring with a lecture on #metoo, invited by the Nordic Council of ministers – from Greenland to Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Åland and Finland.

As editor-in-chief of one of the world’s first #MeToo books, Alexandra takes us through thousands of years of silences and taboos now broken thanks to the collective female power.

The purpose of the lecture is to speak about the unspeakable, to make the invisible visible and include the excluded when sexual abuse and harassment are adressed. Alexandra shares testimony, tools and advice on how to move forward.

How do we create zero tolerance against sexual oppression and harassment?
How do we get everyone to feel included in the next step of the metoo campaign?
How do we talk to men, fathers, brothers, sons and colleagues, and how do we break ancient, universal misogyny patterns?

Me Too – Moving Forward. Votes, tools and advice.
The book is a pulsating contemporary document about a movement rarely seen in Sweden, and let alone the world. The purpose of the book is to keep the debate alive, to make the invisible visible and also to include those who felt excluded when sexual abuse and harassment were highlighted. “MeToo” touches all of us – regardless of who we are, regardless of the extent and the level of vulnerability. We have been silent long enough. Let “MeToo” be the turning point we’ve been waiting for!

Quotes from Lectures and Events with Alexandra Pascalidou as a Moderator

Having Alexandra as a speaker and workshop facilitator for the 3rd Youth to Youth Summit in Dubai was very inspiring and eye opening. She shared her story and experience with young leaders coming from nearly 50 countries across the world. The knowledge, advice and new skills on combating hate speech online and in journalism will be very useful and valuable for our young leaders. Alexandra became a role model for many of us and we believe that together we can develop many more activities and events which will contribute to creating a more tolerant and active society across the world.”

– Karolina Mazėtytė, Co-Founder and President of the Youth to Youth Initiative

Alexandra has a wonderful ability to enthral an audience. By referencing current events together with her own experience and that of others, she is able to shine a light on social phenomena and structures. You would have to search far and wide to find lectures on diversity and equality that are so important, so challenging in a useful way and so very inspirational! I can strongly recommend Alexandra.”

– Pia Höök, Diversity Manager, Skanska AB and Associate Professor in gender, organisation and leadership

Today’s lecture exceeded all expectations. Everyone is just delighted!”

– Ulrica Åhman, Skanska

Alexandra delivered a powerful, memorable lecture. We received great feedback afterwards!”

– Birgitta Lennermo, education co-ordinator at Campus Varberg

Invite Alexandra to Your Next Event

Professional and passionate, analytical, inclusive and enthusiastic, there will never be a dull moment or a dry eye in the house. She inspires with her warm and witty attitude, poses the crucial questions with finesse, touches sensitive matters with elegance and spreads laughter and hope.

Alexandra can work in Swedish, Greek, English and communicate in French and Spanish. She has studied and worked in Greece for several years, living for longer periods in Latin America, Thailand, NYC and Los Angeles. With an impressive network across the world, she is a true citizen of the world.

Alexandra also organises conferences, workshops and Power Weeks to Greece and other destinations.

She likes to work with clients long-term and takes part in idea processes, puts together panels and creates dynamics in the programme to maximise the experience.

Alexandra Pascalidou Women's International Networking
Alexandra Pascalidou Women’s International Networking
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