2018 – Voted the Best Speaker – Moderator

Alexandra Pascalidou Voted the Best Speaker – Moderator in 2018

This Year’s Speaker is an industry award that is awarded annually in the categories Speakers of the Year – Female, Male, Moderator and Breakthrough. The prize is awarded to speakers who inspire and communicate their messages in extraordinary ways. Speakers spread knowledge through inspiration and motivation, and together they help both organizations and individuals to move Sweden forward.

Alexandra Pascalidou utsedd till Årets Talare - Moderator
Alexandra Pascalidou voted the Best Speaker – Moderator, 2018


Citat om Alexandra Pascalidou som moderator

Alexandra was voted the best speaker and moderator with the motivation “Passionate. Brave. Well-prepared. Her huge desire to excel has given her an impressive career with a wide range of different job opportunities. In addition, she has a deep understanding of her role as a moderator which makes all involves parties feel at ease. She has received well deserved praise for her commitment to social injustices and now we are proud to award Alexandra for her outstanding speaking and moderating skills.”

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