2018 – The Bellman Prize

Alexandra Pascalidou was Awarded the Bellman Prize in 2018

The Bellman Prize was awarded to Alexandra Pascalidou for he cultural contributions as a journalist, author and TV- & radio presenter.

From her first autobiography “Beyond Mum’s Street” that was released in 2001 until now she has been brave, courageous and passionate about human rights, diversity and equality. Alexandra is an important voice for Stockholm and Sweden. Her hopeful message to the world is that we can all be the change we want to see.

Alexandra Pascalidou har tilldelats Bellmanpriset - 2018
Alexandra Pascalidou was awarded the Bellman Prize in 2018

Quotation From the Jury’s Motivation

Citat om Alexandra Pascalidou som moderator

Alexandra Pascalidou has with courage and consistency stood up for vulnerable groups in widely different media and contexts.”

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