Korsvägar. Röster om förortskultur (Cross Roads. Voices about suburban culture)

Köp Alexandra Pascalidous bok Korsvägar. Röster om förortskultur
Published: 2002-08 by Bokförlaget Atlas

Alexandra Pascalidou gives the people of the poor, segregated suburbs a voice and a story in this book of interviews with legendary artists like Joakim Thåström, Jerry Williams, Dogge Doggelito, football-player Kennedy Bakircioglou, activist Nabila Abdul Fattah, Lena Sundström, Héctor Barajas and Markoolio, among others.

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Read Korsvägar (Crossroads) by Alexandra Pascalidou, a wonderful book of interviews with well-known and unknown personalities from the suburbs.”


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