Fifty shades of female oppression

Toxic masculinity, misogynist myths, patriarchal privileges, female cat fights and the art of climbing without cats’ claws. A journey into the micro- and macrocosm of the gender perspective. From stereotypical snares to the oppressing power structures that tie women to the kitchen and bedroom. Learn how to handle online hate and harassment, how to disrupt discrimination and break silences.

Alexandra Pascalidou won the 2016 The Big Feminist Award with the following motivation:

Journalist, feminist and anti-racist Alexandra Pascalidou has a clear voice that the Swedish public have been listening to since 1995, when she first appeared in the spotlight as host of the SVT programme Mosaik. Since then, as well as being a TV presenter, Pascalidou has also worked as a moderator, author, columnist and reporter in genres as varied as sport, culture, entertainment and economics, as well as on programmes on social issues and debate shows. […]

With the acclaimed SVT production “Vi kallas tiggare” (We’re called beggars), broadcast in 2016, Alexandra Pascalidou demonstrated that there is no question too difficult to ask if those questioned are treated with dignity and respect.

We therefore think that Pascalidou has answered the perennial question of who can talk about what in public. By taking equality as a starting point, journalism is bettered as a whole. In this respect Alexandra Pascalidou has made a significant contribution through all of her actions.

Alexandra Pascalidou Women's International Networking
Alexandra Pascalidou Women’s International Networking
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