#MeToo – from hashtag to revolution

Alexandra Pascalidou has been touring with a lecture on #metoo invited by the Nordic Council of Ministers – from Greenland to Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Åland and Finland.

As the editor of one of the world’s first # MeToo books, Alexandra takes us through thousands of years of silences and taboos now broken thanks to the force of collective female struggles.

The purpose of the lecture is to talk about the untalkable, to make the invisible visible and include those that were excluded when sexism, sexual abuse and harassment are adressed. Alexandra shares testimony, tools and advice on how to move forward.

How do we create zero tolerance against sexual oppression and harassment?
How do we get everyone to feel included in the next step of the metoo campaign?
How do we talk to men, fathers, brothers, sons and colleagues, and how do we break ancient, universal misogyny patterns?

Me too – moving forward. Votes, tools and advice.
“The book is a pulsating contemporary document about a movement rarely seen in Sweden and the world. The purpose of the book is to keep the debate alive, to visualize the invisible and also include those who felt excluded when previously mentioned about sexual abuse and harassment. “MeToo” touches all of us – regardless of your self, regardless of the extent and the level of vulnerability. We have been silent long enough. We break the norms and the taboos that have silenced women since the first woman gave birth to mankind. Let “MeToo” be the turning point we’ve been waiting for! “

Alexandra Pascalidou Women's International Networking
Alexandra Pascalidou Women’s International Networking
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