Mammorna (The mothers)

Mammorna, Alexandra Pascalidou, bokomslag. 
Utgiven: 2018-08 av Bokförlaget Atlas
Published: 2018-08 by Bokförlaget Atlas

We come from the mothers.

All mothers through history have had one thing in common – From Mother Earth to Virgin Mary and Mother Svea – they rarely have spoken. Until now.

In this book you will meet 20 mothers living in Sweden’s poorest and most marginalised and vulnerable suburbs, known as no-go zones. These mothers come from all corners of the earth and weave a fabric of the world in Sweden.

Meet mothers who carried their children closest to the hearts and woke up in the middle of the night by policemen announcing that their children were murdered. Mothers who are forced to experience the worst a mother can experience – the death of her child. They talk about multiple forms of violence, about sorrow and struggle – but most about love – the mother’s unconditional love for her children.

But you also meet mothers that raised role models against all odds.

In this book Alexandra gives voice to these voiceless and invisible mothers by telling their stories with their own words. Without filters.

It’s time to listen to the mothers!

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